This panel aims to deepen the concept of health, meant as a construct intrinsically linked to the development of biological, psychological and social resources, of both individuals and communities.
Promoting health is not merely an intervention for risks reduction, but it means encouraging processes of promotion and management of health, following aspirations and needs. These processes concern a plurality of social actors and contexts.

Moreover, medicalization of every-day issues, normalization and construction of what is defined pathological are processes strictly related to discourses on health and its social dimensions.

Since health is a multidimensional and complex concept, its promotion is not just the responsibility of the health sector, but requires the development of new integrated solutions in an interdisciplinary perspective.

Are welcome both theoretical and empiric-applicative accounts.

Proposals might deal with, but are not limited to, the following general topics:

  • Interventions and perspectives in the prevention and promotion of health
  • Illness: cognitive, emotional, relational and spiritual aspects.
  • Integrated approaches and solutions for intervention in health care
  • Health education
  • Right to health
  • Spaces, places and geographies of health
  • Institutions and medicalization
  • Pharmacologization
  • Health and safety at work
  • End of life, loss, pain and grief
  • Biopolitics and thanatopolitics
  • Funeral rites, identities and memories
  • Intercultural aspects of health and etnopsychiatry
  • Alternative medicines
  • Interventions in emergency situations
  • Disabilities
  • Treatment and practices of modification, handling, sustenance and marking of bodies
  • Defensive medicine and implications of the medical practice: profession, ethical and legal issues
  • Social actors of health (professionals, care-givers, patients)
  • Diagnosis: epistemology, communication and critical approaches
  • Social representations and metaphors about health and illness
  • Communication and interactive processes in health-care contexts

Submission and guidelines

The abstract, maximum 700 words (excluding bibliography), can be written in either Italian or English and must be sent by  12th  of April via online form.

The result of the evaluation will be notified via mail to the authors by 26th April 2017.

Please note that for participation in the conference you need to sign up filling in the form which will be on the conference’s website since 30th April 2017 and up to 25th May 2017. For organizational reasons, we invite applicants to register by the deadline. Up to two contributions can be assessed if they referred to two different sessions. The Scientific Committee, in order to ensure the widest possible participation, reserves the right to propose other form of presentation instead of oral contributions.


Abstract submission

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