Poster guidelines

Posters are accepted in A0 format, with a maximum height of 118.9 cm and a width of 84,1 cm.

We will also welcome Posters divided into four A3 sheets, vertical landscape, numbered on the back side in billposting order.

It is advisable to follow a clear and easily identifiable structure:

  1. Title and introduction
    1. Title: short and possible subtitle
    2. Author’s name and affiliation
    3. Introduction and theoretical framework (it is important to introduce the main theme of research, to give background information and definitions and quickly place your issue in the context of published literature)
  2. Research aims
  3. Methods, procedures, material
  4. Results: graphs and tables.The results may be accompanied by a brief discussion (methodological implications and possible reflections) which must not replace the results
  5. Conclusions and, where possible, future work
  6. References and acknowledgements

We suggest to use graphs and tables for an easier understanding.

Authors may exhibit A4 copies of the poster to visitors during the Conference, along with personal contacts and academic information.

Further information on billposting will be published along with the final program of the conference.

We kindly ask you to provide the posters in the morning during the registration for the conference.

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