The analysis of migration processes has become a cornerstone in social sciences and is a key area of research to understand the complexity of contemporary phenomena and social changes. Issues related to human mobility highlight how the presence of internal and transnational migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and so-called “second generation” has profoundly reshaped the physiognomy of today’s European societies.

The “Migration” section aims to gather empirical and analytical research that cover the following topics:

  • Migration and State (migration and social policies regarding migrants at national and European level, border policies)
  • Trajectories, diaspora and transnationalism
  • Racism, discrimination and identity
  • Civil Society and Solidarity
  • Migration and the labor market.

Submission and guidelines

The abstract, maximum 700 words (excluding bibliography), can be written in either Italian or English and must be sent by 12th April 2017 via online form.

The result of the evaluation will be notified via mail to the authors by 26th April 2017.

Please note that for participation in the conference you need to sign up filling in the form which will be on the conference’s website since 30th April 2017 and up to 25th May 2017. For organizational reasons, we invite applicants to register by the deadline. Up to two contributions can be assessed if they referred to two different sessions. The Scientific Committee, in order to ensure the widest possible participation, reserves the right to propose other form of presentation instead of oral contributions.

Abstract submission

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