This panel aims to present and discuss theoretical and research contributions that focus on bodies, genders, and sexuality. These themes, as they are strongly interconnected to each other, have been inquired by many disciplines, and from different research perspectives that allowed to increase the understanding of corporeity, identities and social practices. This session aims to promote an interdisciplinary debate that takes into consideration both the political and social relevance of these arguments, and the responsibilities we hold when, by adopting a specific perspective, we implement and disclose our research practices.

This session strive to achieve a deeper and more complex understanding of these processes and the fundamental contribution that these can provide for addressing the social and political issues that our bodies, genders and sexualities bring forth in our research, on the field and in clinical settings.

Are welcomed all theoretical, applied, case studies, qualitative, quantitative and experimental contributions. Proposals might deal with, but are not limited to, the following general topics:

  • Discriminations and renegotiations in social contexts (e.g. family, school, workplace, sports)
  • Social media use and online lives
  • Desire, sexual practices and (post)pornography
  • Gender violence
  • Cognitive processes, genders and intergroup relationships
  • Sexual health
  • Sexual support and disabilities
  • Intimacies, sex and relationships
  • Affective, sexual and diversity education
  • Parenting, families and social networks
  • Body practices and performance
  • Bodies, genders and everyday lives
  • Law, gender and sexuality
  • Body control between normalization and regulation
  • Rights, movements and politics: subjectivities in the debate between public and private
  • Bodies and corporeity
  • Bioeconomy and valorization of bodies
  • Bodies and work, between body capital, exploitation and attrition
  • Social construction of emotions, performativity and emotional work
  • The construction of beuty and obscenity, cultural aesthetics and body care practices
  • Bodies, genders and daily life
  • Body expressions between art, theatre and performance
  • The body in sports disciplines
  • Bodies in public, identity and body display

Submission and guidelines

The abstract, maximum 700 words (excluding bibliography), can be written in either Italian or English and must be sent by 12 April 2017 via online form.

The result of the evaluation will be notified via mail to the authors by 26th April 2017.

Please note that for participation in the conference you need to sign up filling in the form which will be on the conference’s website since 30th April 2017 and up to 25th May 2017. For organizational reasons we invite applicants to register by the deadline. Up to two contributions can be assessed if they referred to two different sessions. The Scientific Committee, in order to ensure the widest possible participation, reserves the right to propose other form of presentation instead of oral contributions.

Abstract submission

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