Interlocking Academia with the “outside world”


In order to create interactive spaces of discussion and participation and to consider the difficulties we face daily within the world of social research, we welcome ideas for other forms of contribution, including but not limited to participatory workshops, performances, exhibitions, films, art installations or similar. Proposals may address the relationship between the world of research and the “outside world”, with particular attention to our positioning as PhD students and young researchers. Furthermore, proposal addressing one or more themes with reference to the sessions of the previous days will be considered.

Proposals in this strand may come from academics, practitioners, policy makers, activists or individuals involved in the third sector.

The proposal should also include:

  • Short description of the activities (maximum 700 words) either in English or Italian
  • Number of allowed participants
  • Technical requirements (computer, projector, audio, …)
  • Esteemed duration
  • Biography and affiliation of the proponent/s

Proposal must be sent by the 12th April 2017 via online form.

The result of the evaluation will be notified via mail to the authors by 26th April 2017.

Please note that for participation in the conference you need to sign up filling in the form which will be on the conference’s website since 30th April 2017 and up to 25th May 2017. For organizational reasons we invite applicants to register by the deadline.


Application for Proposals

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