Methods and Techniques in Social Research

1st National  Phd Conference in Social Sciences

Padua 23rd-25th June 2016

Today, qualitative research is firmly established in Social Science disciplines. Over the years, theoretical and epistemological debate has developed a large number of different research methods and techniques, sometimes integrating qualitative methods with quantitative methods into specific quali-quantitative approaches.

This session will accept both theoretical reflection, which deal with a critical approach to all aspects of the establishment and application of methodology, epistemology and practice of qualitative research, both empirical work with a focus on the methodologies applicable to the study the topics proposed in the other sessions of the Conference. Priority will be given to interdisciplinarity works proposing possible integration between different methodologies, and to works focused on the application of methodologies.

Research lines:

  • Ethnography
  • Textual Analysis
  • Discourse Analysis and Critical Discourse Analysis
  • Grounded Theory
  • Methods and visual techniques
  • Methods for the analysis of the music
  • Phenomenological Research Methods
  • Epistemologies and methodologies
  • Methods and participatory techniques
  • Integrations between qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Triangulation and mixed-methods

This list is to regarded as indicative and not exhaustive, therefore we welcome abstract proposals on other themes that can stimulate and enrich the debate.


Abstracts should be up to 300 words (bibliography not included), and be written either in Italian or in English and must be sent by February 20, 2016 via email to: adding the title of the session in the subject of the email: “Methods and Techniques in Social Research”.

Abstracts must have the following structure:

title, author(s)*, text, keywords.

* author’s contact details and a short biography (up to 100 words).

The result of the evaluation will be notified to authors by 20 March 2016. Please note that to participate to the conference you need to sign up (free) which will be available on the appropriate form on the website from March 20, 2015 until 30 April, 2015. For organizational reasons we invite applicants to register by the deadline[1].

Authors of selected abstracts have to send a paper up to 35,000 characters (including spaces and bibliography) by 31 May 2016 to the same e-mail address.

At the end, contribution may be collected for scientific publications cured by the referee of the session together with the author(s).


Claudia Lotito, PhD Student in Social Sciences, FISPPA Department – University of Padova

David Primo, PhD Student in Social Sciences, FISPPA Department – University of Padova

Valentina Rizzoli, PhD Student in Social Sciences, FISPPA Department – University of Padova

Giulia Storato, PhD Student in Social Sciences, FISPPA Department – University of Padova


[1] Coffee breaks and spritz-time are included.

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